The Miller's Studio of Photography Story

The year was 1993, Dallas, Texas, and a 23 year old young man was working as a photographer's assistant. Traveling 3 states, working with Modeling agencies updating Model portfolios, photographing fashion runway events, shooting Commercial, Fashion, and Industrial photo work for Ad agencies. For this young man, it was heaven right here on earth. I loved every new job that came our way. Until, I got the unfortunate news that the owner of the Photography Business had become very ill and was shutting down the business. So, being from the Central Illinois area I made the decision to move back to the area.

My love for photography was just as strong as it had been, while in Texas, so I took on my first job, a wedding. I thought, "Hey I have 3 sisters how hard could this be, right" man was I wrong. Luckily everything went smoothly, but I thought to myself that if I wished to continue doing photography I had better learn a lot more about it. I took Professional Photography classes, attended Professional Photography seminars, joined a Professional Photography Association and mentored after a few Professional Photographers of whom I admired their work and business ethics.

A lot has changed in the Professional Photography Industry since that time but one thing has held true and continues to grow even still to this day and that is having the privilege of doing everyday what I truly love to do, Professional Photography.

I still attend Professional Photography classes, log into monthly photography webinars, keep up with the ever changing Industry of Professional Photography through Social Media groups and yes I still have the privilege of staying in direct contact with a few of my one time mentors, now comrades in the business.

As much as I love photography, it only pales in comparison to the love that I have for my wife, my 3 beautiful children and the love I have for my God. I am truly Blessed!