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* Over 25 years in business says that experience does make a difference! Our organization and efficiency keeps our current customers coming back year after year and it's what allows us to ad new clients every year.

* We're Local! With our Studio located in Mt. Zion, Il. we are proud to say we employ staff directly from the heart of Central Il. Miller's Sports provides jobs and pay taxes that help support our local communities. In addition we donate to schools, charities and various organizations.

* We are a full-time professional portrait studio! We're friendly, talented and experienced with a strong attention to detail.

* Personalized service in today's world! We're big enough to deliver, yet small enough to provide you with the personal service you deserve. You'll know us on a first name basis.

* Proper time management means a successful picture day! From set-up to tear down, to photo delivery. We know the importance of a smoothly run program.

When photographing your Youth League Memory Mates, we can offer several ways to capture Individual players and team photos.

#1 - All players and team photos to be taken with a Natural background at the League's desired location.

#2 - All Individual players and team photos will have a Sports background, appropriate to their particular sport.

#3 - All players and team photos to be photographed with a Green Screen background. The player / parents would then have a choice of 4 different digital backgrounds to choose from.

Doug Miller / Miller's Sports would like to request a formal meeting with your Youth League Board to discuss all of the Rebate programs, team sponsorships, coaches gifts, free hardship photo packages and league sponsor plaques that we can offer your Youth League.

There are so many things over the phone that would be easy to compare us to yet another photographer, but it is the quality of our work, our multitude of products that we offer, our competitive pricing and what your league will get from this contractual relationship.

We would love to meet with your Youth League Board to discuss your Leagues unique needs. Call Miller's Sports at 217-864-3974 and let us know when would be a convenient time for you or your Board to meet with us.

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