Wedding Portraits

You budget for the flowers, your dress, the D.J., the cake and for your reception, but after the cake is eaten, the music is done playing, the rented tuxedos have been taken back, the flowers have all wilted and your dress is cleaned and boxed up, what do you have left? The only true lasting memories that you have left of your Wedding day are your Wedding Portraits!

Don't trust this all important job, of taking the Wedding Portraits, to someone that is not qualified. You may say "Hey, I know someone that has a camera and can take pictures, Good friend, a Relative, Next door neighbor". But if they do not have the experience of photographing Weddings and they mess things up, is your relationship or friendship worth risking to save a few bucks.

Sure in the beginning you may save money, but why spend the rest of your life with those kind of regrets.

Our Wedding photography coverage starts at just $800.00 and if you book Miller's Studio for both your Photo Booth Rental and your Wedding photography you will receive a discount off your Photo Booth rental.

With over 30 years experience and education, Miller's Studio will capture the emotion of your special day through Classic Wedding Portraiture. There are many factors that go into telling a Wedding story - it is our Love for what we do and our experience that makes the difference.

Call Miller's Studio of Photography at 217-864-3974 to check on your Wedding date availability or to make an appointment to talk with us in regards to your Wedding plans.